Saturday, May 29, 2010

God Eater

Another post about games already.. Since my PSP is back with me.. i think going to talk about games again! XD Well not too much i think..

Since i've already finished unlocking everything for BBS already.. i dont think i will stick with the game that much even know im a Kingdom Hearts freak la. XP

Ultimania always have the best art of Kingdom Hearts. XP
Rate for this game: 8.5/10

Not long later.. i've found another game that really really interest me! I was a monster hunter extremer.. and theres a new monster hunter type game that is even more epic and cooler looking. This game is called..

See even the name sounds sooo EPIC already.

I know nothing about the story for this game.. all i know that is you hold big cool ass swords and swing around monsters which are waay bigger size than you. XD

See what i meant about Cool swords? XD

There are like TONS of difference between this game and monster hunter. Let me list it all out for you so u can see the difference.
- you can to jump and whack the shyt out of monsters.
- get to change your weapon while ur fighting.
- get carry more items.
- dont have to pose that long while your drink pots.
- able to use skills to deal hardcore damage.
- dont have to worry about getting your stamina any lower.
- if you die, your friend can revive you.
- able to lock on to your monsters.
- quick stamina recovery.
- monster wont be changing to far far locations anymore.
- no more weapon sharpness.
- you dont have to crave monsters anymore.

From the difference above.. You can tell that this game's battling system is going to be waaaaaay better than Monster Hunter! 8D

Look at the cool ass monster that the player is fighting against.

I dunno whats the monster called.. but im starting to like it. XD

The monsters in this game are kinda huge as well.

You can change into gun and shoot the shyt out of them from far.

Enough with the pictures.. how abt some real actions?

Long story short.. this is going to be a good game la. Im looking forward to play it with anymore of my friends who have this game. This time.. i'll be patient and wait for the english version la. XP

Beside that, there is a new final fantasy game coming out on PSP! D8 Its called Final Fantasy Agito XIII. From what i see and hear.. this game is going to something about politics again.. and the battle system is going to be like Crisis Core but just that this time you get to have partners.

Not really part of my interest but still its another game for my PSP.

So now i got nothing to do.. thats why im bloggin! XD