Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Round 2.. START!!

College semester TWO, day TWO! XD

Today i was about to be late for class already (FYI, i was never late to class before.. XD) I was almost reach my bus station and my bus just ZOOM cross by me, infront of my freaking eyes.. i got pissed and i dont wanna wait again.. so i decided to take a taxi..

I was lucky to get a taxi pretty quickly.. When i opened the taxi car door, the taxi driver gave me like a 2~3 seconds stare.. and here comes the funny..

The taxi guy goes.. 'KONICHIWA!!! XD'

The taxi guy thinks im freaking JAPANESE!! 8D

I tried to not laugh.. and i continue telling him 'Errr.. Pusat Bandar??' and he goes 'OWH! your not japanese!? XD' and then went 'No, im malaysian *smiles*' after that he goes 'Oh issit!? XD Sorry'

It was weirdly.. yet funny.. for the first time in my life someone actually thinks im a japanese!? XD Should i be proud or not? XP

I was my first critical thinking class.. i bumped into Corliss at the hallway and we we're like talking about our next coming class or somthing.. it turns out that our class are the same classroom, same time but different subject! D8 Something must be wrong.. but i checked my schedule and timetable.. there is no error! Neither is Corliss one.. So we are like fighthing along the hall way like..

'No.. Im in SR7!'
'NO NO NO, My class is at SR7!!'
'Cannot be what, my class is at SR7, i check already!'
'Mine also cannot be wrong, mine is SR7'
'I think ur must be a mistake la, mine is at SR7'
'NO WAY, i think urs is the one with the mistake, mine is memang SR7'

and it continued all the way to our class. XD

In the end, my class was the one with the error. XD My classed got canceled in the end. (the JOY!) After that me and Corliss went for a quick lunch.. intercept into Dex and Mandy's happy time.. XP Its was nice and fun! XD (and that time i found out that Dex and Mandy are same class like in CTS. XD)

After that spend quality time with JinHwei.. its been awhile ever since i really had this kind of talk with her.. X) Really really quality time.

Next class is Moral Studies.. same class with Kaiser, Benjamin, ShiauLing and SienDee. Seriously.. i have to say.. Moral Studies is boring.. i fell asleep for like a few minutes there.. Imaging its Malaysian Studies then die la! D8

After that was Advance English again! (YAY! excited) and we got new student in our class. 8D Nick, Benjamin and 2 more student joined us. XP Then we have a small reading time about a small short story..

Seriously.. the story was freaking EPIC and the ending was kinda spooky.. *DON DON DONNNN!!!* and after we read the story.. we found out something..

Women are Perfect Murderers!!

Thats what the story is about.. damm scary.. the end was kinda epic as well! D8 The funniest thing is.. its was Max's first time sitting infront in college! XD Like the most front! You should see his face expression, priceless. XD

Then, we had dinner at Secret Recipe. Its funny cause i go there and eat burger... kinda stupid right? XD Oh well.. since i sold my book.. im kinda rich now.. (trust me.. it wont last long.. XP)

Head home.. and turn on the computer, charge my PSP and take out Libby and play.

These days im running out songs to learn and play. Ever since to changed my phone.. i havent been really listening to the radio. If i do, i will be learning all the lasted song on the radio. I go NOOO songs to play right now. So guess whose song i started learning?


Its weirdly.. but funny.. I dont hate him.. Neither do I like him. I only like 2 songs of his which is 'Baby' and 'One Time'. Good songs to play on guitar cause its the same chords over and over again.. Very easy to remember. XP Plus, girls DIG him! XD

Going out to TCM and Celebrate KCY's b'day later! XD

'Seriously.. Do you even really care?' X(