Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thriller Night

Orientation Night 3 is here!! Well its actually it just passed.. XP

21th MAY was our 3rd Orientation Nights.. well its my 2nd la since i didnt go for the first one. XP And the theme of this event this time is called..


No No No.. No Micheal Jacksons are involved. XP but the song 'Thriller' was definately involved in this event.. XP

The decoration was good and scary.. they made paper tomb stones.. coffins.. and they hung barbie dolls everywhere! Of all the things to hung in the air.. DOLLS! D8 *shivers..*

Of course.. we the social spheres members have to be spotting for tonight.. So all of us dressed up in our spooky and scary costumes and make up..

At first i wanted to be a werewolf! but it turns out.. looking for a COOL werewolf mask was a pain in the ass.. So in the end i bought a scary skull looking mask and a secret recipe cake knife to go on with the event..

Thats me.. The bloods are decorated myself. XP

Everyone was dressed and decorated up.. And all of us looked freaking spooky.. SOOOO spooky until Candy dont even have much guts to talk/see us. XD

Look at how scary we are la.. XD (if only the day was dark..)

I have to say.. me and Justin are the most dresed up one loh. XP

If i would rate the 5 most scariest looking ppl during that night i would go like this..

1. Han Han
2. Esther
3. Faris
4. Justin
5. Xiau Wei

And my all time favourite on is Samuel Lim. XD

Its a long night.. and i dont wanna bored u guys reading this by just telling u everything (like how i did for Pyjamas Party) So im just going to go with pictures and summaries.. XP (its an excuse cause i cant find any pictures for the event. XP)

Yun Fang and I.

Oh ya.. that night I took pictures with TONS of ppl and whats really happy is that most of them are girls.. And also i scare the shyt out of alot of ppl as well.. XP (hinting: Amy Goh)

Was chilling awhile from my tough work scaring ppl. XD

I didnt stab JiaLin!? NOO... She MAKE me stab her! XD

Then we have an extremely funny sketch!

Its pretty during the practise but that night.. it was freaking funny! Even know i already know the storyline and everything. Overall the sketch was great! Great Job guys! XD

Then we have a dance from the january intake Social Sphere members with the song 'Thirller' and 'Cry me a River'. Good Job.. better than the normal practices. XP

Then we end the performance up with a Dance Battle.. This is where I come in with 'Sorry Sorry'. XD EPIC!!

And of course our sum up event for all orientation night is..

Some one challenge Jag to a dance battle.. XD

Now this guy is freaking sporting! Awesome Job man! XD

During the dance floor some of us are chillaxing..

Look whose the killer now.. XD

Trying to make this my profile picture but EPIC failed! DX

This is one of the prizes for the event.. FREAKING CUTE! XD

Overall a good night event.. At least everyone enjoyed the event and we gave the april intakers a good impression of social sphere at least..

Tiring night.. zooom to sleep after that cause next day got school. DX