Saturday, May 29, 2010

Musics to Share

Like i said before.. although i've been busy with life but still i dont miss listening to music from some of my youtube friends. XP I still keep in touch with them although their replies in message are like SUPER LONG!!

You cant blame them, they are famous. XP So, im here now to share these songs that i like to you guys and in the mean time.. to promote some of them as well. XP

First up with my favorite guy singer on youtube.. David Choi!

I have to say.. this is another touching and emotional song made by him. And the MV is freaking awesome! Its better than the first one which is 'Wont Even Start' And the featuring girl in this video is waaay cuter/prettier than the last one. XP Julia Chang. Look at her picture at the end of the video. XP

Up next, the famous Sam Tsui.

I find this song done extremely well by him. I still have a hard time how he make another few more of him in this video. XD Plus, he still this kinda of 'face' when his singing.. but overall a good cover done! X)
Now its time for girls.. yes, GIRLS!

First up, the famous Janice and Sonia.

I've heard that sing korean songs before but this is by far the BEST! XD I can tell they are definately singing the correct lyrics. (what can i say, they are half koreans. XP) After watching this video.. i dunno why, I love them even more. Yes, I love BOTH of them! as in LOVE them! XD I wonder do they both write their own songs? o.O

Next, its Kirssy and Erika.

I have to say that Erika (the backup singer) looks pretty here. I still think that they have a little bit of chipmunk voice. XP Its an pretty old song.. but they are famous and they have their own offical music video.

This last song is not a youtube friend of my. Cause she TOOO famous now. XD (she was never in youtube at the first place. XP) I just like to share this song with u guys. XP

And awesome motivation song! Charice. I should start listening to her songs more often. XP But this is the first song that i heard from her.. and i LOVE it! XD
Thats all for video music sharing.. hope you guys like those songs as much as i do. XP