Wednesday, May 5, 2010


If you all notice.. my blog song has changed into another song. XP

I was desperately looking for this particular song.. why? Cause i find that song totally fits my current situation.. If you hear the lyrics really careful and you know my story as well.. its totally alike.. well at least 50% of the lyrics is alike la. XD

Credits goes to Justin for recommending me this song. X)

To be honest.. the song is soooo beautiful that i almost cried. Im not kidding.

When someone is quiet.. doesnt mean he or she is emo.. When someone is quiet.. doesnt mean he or she is anti-social.. When someone is quiet.. doesnt mean he or she is not listening..

Keep that in mind..

I cant win any mahjong games.. its been 3 days in a row and my money got sucked up like no one's business.. I always go bankrupt one. You know what does it means? Bad Luck.. Bad.. Bad Luck.. no surprise..

I flip back through my facebook pictures.. and i missed so many things and memories that happened in my life..

I miss Tarvin. XD

I miss the Lantern Festival Party at my house..

I miss having tuition with my other friends..

I miss being an active participant in any camp.

I miss singing alone with full of emotions..

I miss John. X)

Miss acting in 7B movies..

I miss my kid, Zhen Lim.

I miss THIS bonding..

Not only these things la.. there are actually alot more things that i missed.. So many that i wish that i can turn back time and redo everything again.. sadly, god didnt gave me such power for free will..

I remember reading some comic says that if you want to forget one person that u loved soo much.. you cut your hair.. that doesnt really make sense.. but.. i've got nothing to lose.. hrm...

A kiss to the forehead means that I care for you..

'Should I keep this on??'