Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pictures in my Phone

Wow.. I just notice.. I havent been blogging for 1 whole week! okay mayb not one whole week.. but its like 6 freaking days! XD

I've been pretty busy lately.. Rose Message Operation.. Thriller Night.. After that more events.. Sometimes i really worried of my studies.. XD

Well.. Im kinda lazy to blog and typ now.. so im just gonna go with pictures.. XD

Lets begin with Sunday .. Rose Message Operation Preparation..

Alex was happy to get around 80+ roses! XD

Alex chilling on the grass around HELP campus..

There are 110 roses here.. doesnt look like it right? XD

Esther cleaning the floor! XD

Corliss handling the messages..

Max handling the roses..

Alex helped out with the messages..

Faris helped out with the roses..

Saiful was just rolling on the floor! XD

Max watching F1 and settling the roses. XD

Monday.. Rose Message Operation Begins..

Its nice to see students giving lecturer roses. And also romantic couples giving hidden message to their love ones. Very interesting day.. its alot of running but after giving the roses to the person and see their smiling face.. its worth it la. X)

Rose Message Operation day.. we still got classes.. all still must go on..

Li Huey was smsing someone which i dunno who..

Ivan was laughing while doing his finite maths.. XD

and Max was like.. WTF!? XD

Then these here are just other random pictures in my phone.. XP

In Vicky's car.. looking at her drive just for fun. XP

Max pointing to his real name..

Ivan pointing at his real name too! XD

Saiful and his AIR JUMP!!

My turn to AIR JUMP!! XD

Nick's one looked cool man! XD

Last but not least.. Max himself.. XD

Practicing for Thriller Night that time..

Meet all the march intake girls for social! XD

Justin being the DJ of the Night!

Jag showing off his moves..

And so is Sasi! XD

Well that all for the random pictures in my phone..

Oh wait.. Let me end this post with an AWESOME picture! XD

Mr. Siva playing my PSP!! XD

If im not wrong his playing Ventus fighthing with Vanitas that time.. XD

Im going to make another post asap.. If i can.. XP