Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Hug From Taylor Swift

I found something uber amazing in youtube! 8D


Yeap, its something about Taylor Swift again (honestly, its been awhile ever since i post something about her. XD) Well, this time its not only about her.. just watch this video and you'll get what i mean.. XP

And some of you dont believe that the Taylor Swift's youtube profile is the REAL taylor swift huh? XD Well guess what? Its freaking god damm real! 8D

As you know from the video, these guys (Ryan and Micheal) will do anything just to get a HUG from Taylor Swift. Since they got a challenge.. guess what they did..

They accepted the challenge and actually did it! 8D

Some of you might think that.. nah.. i bet Taylor Swift wont reply this time.Well guess what? She saw a video and replied them! 8D

I like her in straight hair.. XP Yeap there goes challenge number 2 for Ryan and Micheal.. And of course.. you think they dont accept the challenge?

There you go! These guys are beyond god like over Taylor Swift! 13 tasks of 13! Just like Taylor Swift said. XD What really blows my mind is the number 13th task, they can get a plane to help them! D8 Where did they get that? XD

Of course.. such amazing work.. Taylor Swift definately saw what they did and of course.. its time for another reply.. XP

I dont really understand the last and final challenge cause i dont know what she send for the email.. So yeah.. so look just look at the next video to know the 3rd challenge. XP

Have you watched the video? have You? Have you? WATCH IT FIRST ONLY CONTINUE ON READ THIS BLOG!! XD (dun wanna spoil.. plus its very amazing the last one. XP)

Amazing issint it?? Those guy did it!! 8D They got a hug and also a free cheek kiss from Taylor Swift!! (yes.. im jealous) all i can say its congrats well.. they put in a lot of effort in this event. XP

So still think im like the biggest taylor swift fan? Im WAAAAAAY far away from their levels. XP So dont call me a TS freak! XD

No, i wont have such free time to do something like that with them. Cause first, she doesnt come to malaysia.. second, she doesnt know my existance. So why bother.. XP If i have the moeny and time. I will do it. XP

Thank you all for watching! GO TAYLOR SWIFT! XD