Thursday, May 13, 2010

FREE Hugs Anyone?

Thursday.. One of my most packed timetable of the week.. I have short breaks in between and boring classes through out the day.

Internet Principle was interesting as usual.. but CTS is really getting into my nerve. Like i said before.. it has nothing to do with the lecturer.. is the student around.. (hinting: some girls) Faris knows who i mean..

Rose Message Operation is getting better and better! Business is good.. People are actually buying roses for lecturers! (no offense.. but i thought students would usually buy for other students. XP) and of course, there are some romantic bastards who buy roses for their special one la..

Today.. me and Justin decided to do something alittle bit interesting.. We made the Rose Message Operation sign board become and FREE HUG sign board! XD So we started going around asking for free hugs..

Some of them gave us a the 'NO WAY' eye/face.. and some of them really gave us a HUG! XD But most of the people who hugged us are people that we've known. XD No difference.. we still get our hugs! XD

Seriously.. we should this event one day in HELP.. XD Just for the fun of it. XP A hug can mean alot of things.. Just watch this video and you will get what i mean.. XP

See what this guy just did? I have to say.. he did an amazing job! This is just so freaking touching.. plus, the ppl around him are sooo sporting!

To achieve what that person just did.. its pretty easy.. its not that hard.. (thats what i think la..) but just that the only thing we need to have is women in HELP to be more sporting in this event! And guys in HELP should be less pervert about this event. XD

I need a hug..

See how desperate i am for one!? XD

Daniel wants some too! XD

No seriously.. we should do this just for FUN one day.. XD

Take the bus home with Justin again.. talk about craps again.. and through that.. Its funny that both of us are sooo attract to college right now.. Last time, both of us are like crazy in high school.. mayb cause life is waaaaay different right now in college compare to high school..

Oh well... Something are going to change.. No matter what..

'I may seem like i dont care.. but the truth is.. I do care..'