Friday, May 28, 2010

Updates and Feelings express

Like i said from the last post.. i've been busy these days with college, quizs and birth by sleeps. So, i apologise the lack of motivations to update my blog. XP

So this is going to be ONE SHOT post! I meant SHOT not SHORT.. XP
Nothing much has change for me, myself, just that my ping pong skills are either getting weaker or better.. I dunno.. these days my grip towards the ping pong bat and the strength that i release from it is very unstable.. why? emoticon unstable..

College.. everything is okay.. assignments, quizes, lecturers, tutorials, etc.. all i still can cop along. No problem.. but just that the serroundings of the campus.. Everyone feels so gloomy!! D8 I have to find a way to sort of this gloomy and emo shyts!! Sometimes.. i really cant take people around me being emo..

These days.. i've been hanging out with some of the march intakers just to know them better.. and just a few days ago.. I just know more about Amy Wong. XP

But im going to be very honest.. I seem to have a hard time keep in touch with the january intakers. Since most of them are sooo gloomy and no interactive anymore.. This will take awhile since everyone to get back to normal..

Second semester.. and most of the people there a different.. and im not going to just sit here and be and idioit gloomy-ing with them.. i will find a way to sort our this shyt..

I spend 30 minutes of my life sitting next to you.. and you didnt tell or say a thing.. I dont anything about you anymore!
Ghost Adventures is EPIC! Me and Max are addicted to that show! 8D Well the best of the best is still the movie also known as 'Ghost Adventure Documentary'. They actually hear and saw a parenormal activity there! D8

Birth By Sleep news.. I finally figure out the way to obtain ultima weapon and also ultima shoot lock! 8D Well its not as hard as i tough.. what really matters is time and skills to get it. Within total of 48 hours plus of playing, i've got all 3 character's ultima weapon. AND ITS AWESOME! XD I ready to trash tarvin's ass already!

Although I feel like king on BBS now but my ass still got kicked by the hidden boss which is Vanitas's Sentinel. His soooo much harder than Terra's Sentinel in KHFM+. The only person who can defeat him is my weakest character Ventus. I found a strategy for Ventus to defeat him (and its not a prefect one) but not for my Terra and Aqua.

Lately, i havent been really play with my guitar.. mainly is because i dont really use it that much unless its sunday choir practice. To be honest, i dont really use it much in choir as well..

My interest towards music still havent fade away! I been remixing songs on my guitar.. and so far.. i've remix alot.. with a little front guide by the song 'How Six Songs Collide' i manage to mixed up some songs together with it! 8D

Sometimes.. i think that knowing how to play a harmonica is very very romantic as well. Just sometimes la.. XP
I think thats all for the updates.. running out of ideas..

thus, most of my blog materials are in facebook now. Go check it out la. X)

I've been waiting for her to talk to me in msn every night.. =)