Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just Another Day..

Wednesday.. Pretty much a screwed up timetable day.. But not VERY screwed up la.. theres still a good side for it. XP

The good thing about my wednesday time table is that.. I only got one class.. and after that class im free as a bird! XD The bad thing about this class is that its on 8am in the morning! D8 Wake up just for that CTS class! Sheeesshhhh...

My First CTS class in group C.. To be honest.. Its not as nice at the last group that i am with. This group has more smart people in it.. thats the worst part.. this group have more quiet people in the class. Me, myself was the only noisy one. Thank god Desmond and Tristan are there to back me up a little bit..

Long Story Short.. The lecturer is good.. but the students are crazy..

Like i said.. after that class.. IM FREE AS A BIRD! XD But 12.30pm we have Social Meeting.. so im still going to stay anyways.. XP So, i stayed back and promote our ROSE MESSAGE OPERATION! XD

Buy People BUY!! XD

Its for the sake of Teachers Day! With only RM3, you can get a rose, a free message to the person that u want to give to and a free special delivery. XP Fast fast come and buy cause promotion will only last till friday. XP

Doing this event is seriously.. Interesting.. Cause you get to see whose buy roses for whom.. and the most interesting part is what the person is writing for the other person. XP But thats not the main reason im taking charge of this event la. XP

See people buying roses makes me wanna buy myself one as well.. But come to think of it.. who am i going to buy it to? Maybe to my lecturers la.. not to someone special..

Im going to keep this rose to myself this time..

Of course.. i need to take a break once in awhile.. So i went McD and had my breakfast.. Theres some drama going on during my breakfast in McD. This is all true.. its too fake to be made up.

There was this fat old guy (around 50 years old) at McD taking pictures of a few friends of mine.. As in LITERALLY taking pictures of them.. Then Ivan and Max suspected him for taking pictures (stalker). So Daniel stood up and confront him..

In the end.. the man was really taking picture of my friends.. Its not just pictures of my friends.. Its also 600+ other women pictures!! D8 He even took video of my friends! Daniel, Ivan and Max stood and talk to him.. They asked him to delete all the pictures and took a photo of him just incase..

According to this confict and drama.. i have to say.. WHY ARE THERE SUCH IDIOTS IN THIS WORLD MAN!? Why do you have to take pictures of other girls.. and put it in ur phone? i mean thats crazy man! If they are your friend then its okay la.. but if they just some random chick on the road.. WHY MUST YOU DO THAT!?

You guys should have seen the way that Daniel, Ivan and Max confronted him.. Totally heroic. That day.. Ivan and Max are from zero to Hero.. XD

Back to campus reality..

I found something extremely surprising durng Social Evaluation Meeting.. I did a little evaluation among the march intakers for myself.. XP and heres what some of them said..

Amy Wong: 'You can be very friendly.. but you can be very serious and fierce as well!'

Ashwin: 'Ya! When i heard that i was going to work with Klex, i was like OMG..'

Jessica: 'You look very serious and fierce sometimes.. as in really really serious..'

ME!? FIERCE!? You got to be kidding me.. You guys still dont know me yet.. XD Maybe cause i dont hang out with u guys that much gua.. Should have some outing together next time ba. XP

After the meetings.. i head back and continue to promote the Rose Message Operation.. Business is still not going so well.. as i heard many people saying 'I'll buy later..' or 'I'll come and buy tomorrow..'. Oh well.. i dun mind la..

After everything.. I pack my stuffs up and loaf around until i have the chance to go home.. XP

Talked to me and justin's long lost friend, John. For the first time i heard his voice coming from Australlia.. and i have to say.. HIS ACCENT IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT! XD Its a good thing.. but im not really used to it yet. XD I know how Suelyn feels now..

After that me and Justin took bus together home.. and surprisingly.. there are NOT traffic jams on our journey back home.. We both are like WTF!? Good day man! XD

Talked a little bit with Justin today.. and today.. i know more about Justin.. A little bit more deeper.. X) Nice talking to him again..

My life has been busy and packed.. but so far im handling it pretty wei.. lets hope that nothing goes wrong and everything is still Aaaaa~ohhhh~Kayyyyy~

Many things are going through my mind.. but i will solve them one by one myself.. thats why my way of life..

I dont want an 'I miss you' that doesnt mean it..

I dont want to be sad.. and No i wont be.. I wont let it be..