Friday, May 7, 2010

Move Along

Went to campus on Friday.. Last sem i used to like friday alot cause my class starts at 11~12.30pm. After that its usually lepak time for me and my friends..

But this sem.. its not so much.. everyone wants a day off and the day is always FRIDAY! Sheeeshh.. why cant they choose any other day? X(

So, this semester's friday is not so much of an entertainment. Its NICE but not as nice as last time one as lesser people are in campus. X(

I brought Libby to campus.. but i can tell that shes not very happy about the people turning out.. But she did joined me for English class. XP English class was entertaining since we get watch a movie.. its was epic and freaky at the same time. XD

After class me and Saiful played a little battle of BHTS5. XD Missed that game.. its been awhile ever since i played it but i still got my skills! 8D Kenpachi rocks! XD

After that we hang out around DSA watching the march intakers going their things.. and also played Libby alittle bit.. seriously.. nothing much happened..

the Ping Pong bat that me and Justin loved to use! XD

Jia Lin doing Calculus.. XD

Psss.. I listened to Boston more than 10 times today.. XD

Then me, max, ivan, justin, daniel, kimngiam and nick went to Ali Maju. Had a little bit of guy to guy talk.. its really private.. so nothing is going to be up here. Max was super addicted to my PSP games.. so its Justin and Daniel. All thanks to Burnout Dominator! XD Go BANG cars..

See what i mean about addiction? XD

After that.. Me, Justin, WaiSin, Alex and Daniel went to MidValley and watch a movie called 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'. Its honestly a good movie.. for kids la.. XD Even know its a kids movie.. i kinda taught me something.. I forgotten what issit la but it really taught me something! XD

Justin and Daniel spend RM7 to enter the movie room just to text message and play my PSP. Its stupid.. yet funny. XD I pity WaiSin the most cause shes the one sitting between them. XD Me and Alex just lepak around and watch the movie. XP

After watching.. all of us going nothing to do.. so we went to Borders and Lepak. WaiSin left after that.. leave all boys behide. So we watch alittle bit of comics and adulty jokes which is damm freaking funny.. Laugh out asses off! XD

Alex was reading a ghost story.. XD

This sorta reminds me of someone.. XD

Max, I bet u regret calling me a douchebag now.. XD

Book titles nowathese days.. XD

Look at their faces!! LOOK HOW HAPPY THEY ARE! XD

Now thats a offer that is NOT worth it la. XD

This is what I meant about funny.. XD

Thats how u counter 'Son of a Bitch' with ur mum. XD

Too much.. got stomachache so.. we decided to have dinner before we go home. Stop by at SEED cafe and ate there.. (psss... the chicken chop there sucks! DX)

Found the hidden mickey yet? XD

Through that Dinner.. I know more about Alex, Justin and Daniel.. and of course they also know more about me.. during the conversation.. I've got some horrible bad news.. After receiving the bad news.. i've decided to blow off the fire..

Alex and Justin have to leave early.. Then me and Daniel went home our own ways.. we talked along the way.. and i know even more about Daniel now.. plus, thanks to Daniel's parents.. i manage to go home without walking or taking bus. X)

When i reach home.. i saw my brother was in my room. If i knew from the start, i would ask him to come midvalley and fetch me la! XD My brother teman-ed me talk this and that.. he even help me to kacau Vicky! XD

But when my brother suddenly asked..

'How are you and the girl that u always talked to on msn? Together with her already ah? XD'

I didnt give him an answer.. I went 'Haha.. nothing lo. XP' (i dunno why, but i just cant tell him anything..) but I just suddenly thought back of the things that we did together for so long.. And now? Things have changed.. and it feels sooo different.. X( at a moment there.. i was about to cry and burst out.. then i think its not worth it..

That night.. when my brother went out.. i just shut my eyes.. and sleep it off.. just sleep it off...

I guess its time to move along.. Just like how i do and for 3 years..

Good things are worth waiting for.. but Good things that kills you are just not even worth waiting..

Come to think of it.. she never said 'I miss you' before.. should have seen that coming..

I shut myself in the room and listen to 'Boston' all day long..