Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday then Monday updates!

Hows my life so far? Seriously, lately i got TONS of things to do..

So, if my status is on 'busy' mode.. it most probably means.. IM REALLY BUSY! XD

Things to settle..
- My new timetable..
- Rose Message Operation..
- Thriller Night Costume..
- CFC camp Cafe stuffs..
- One Voice One Melody music practise..
- Wesak Day preparations..

Well.. some of them are done la actually.. I just like to list all of them down just for fun. XP

Sunday.. Back to sunday school again.. Feels good to be back again. X) Well heres some pictures from YanLeng to show you how things are going there.. XP

Look how GILA serious i am during chanting session. XP

Another new picture update with YanLeng! XD

With the babe, WeiGin.. X)

Then with both of them! XD

YanLeng caught me off guard.. feeling sleepy that time. X{

My friends in sunday school! X) This is just the few of them. XP

Choir really makes me sing out loud wei! Its like releasing my feelings or something.. when ur emo.. ur singing sounds more emotinal.. and of course.. Nicer.. XD Feels great to sing in a team again.. its only one week.. but thats a farking long time to me! XD

I will declare that, Wilson is officially my first guy guitar student! XD Im current teaching him lots of songs.. and seriously.. hope he can take my place in the future for choir. X)

Help Vanessa to massage. XP

Then Suelyn came and help to me to massage as well! XD

That was for mothers days and as well as sunday school.. X)

On to the next post! XP

Monday.. It used to be one of my most unfavorite day in my timetable.. cause it have like a break from 11~2pm (its not totally a bad thing la..) but now.. my new timetable made it one of my most favorite day. XD

English class with Max and Ivan was extremely fun. Especially when all of us begin to focus in class.. Yeap, surprise? We the noisy ppl in class are actually focusing! Ivan felt in love with english after that. XD

After english, we decided to go for a quick makan. But first i need to pass up my proposal for Rose Message Operation to Mr.Loh. So, we went to DSA and look for Mr.Loh first. Apparently he is not there and some of our friends are there. XP The ping pong room was empty as well. So we enter there and play a quick ping pong game..

Warning.. YOU CANNOT PLAY PING PONG GAME WITH IVAN! Unless your a person who has NO sense of humor at all! XD Playing with him is dayummm funny! He will make u laugh like hell, the he serves when u didnt notice at all! Prefect strategy! XD

We waited there for like 30mins.. and Mr.Loh is still not there! So we are tired of wating.. so we went for makan. Jag joined us for our lunch.

Heres a very conversation that is worth to share.. XD

Ivan: Eh wait ah.. I got bank in first..
Me: That sounds kinda wrong wei.. *giggles*
Max: Ya wei, sounds like BANG in!
Ivan: Haha.. Im going to BANG-ing! *laughs*
Me: So you always go BANG ah?
Ivan: Yeap!! *laughs*
Jag: So means.. u always go BANK in.. then withdraw.. then BANK in again ah!?


After the quick lunch, we head for our Moral Studies class. My group was changed from B to A due to the time table. But thats to the change, i get to have same class with Ivan and Max again! XD Moral Studies used to be boring in group B.. but this new one is slighty better cause got closer friends around. XP

Me, Max and Ivan all are only listening to 30% (or lesser) of what the lecturer talked infront. We are all actually behide going on line. Ivan and Max using their Iphone and me using my PSP. XD (no wonder my brother wants the PSP so much la..) While going online, we talked alittle bit..

Today.. I know alittle more about Ivan.. and of course, Ivan know a little more about me as well.. Max? he know us both too much la! XD

After that.. Its Internet Principle class.. Pretty much boring seriously.. Doing the lecture and tutorial is waaay more interesting than the lab work.. feel like sleeping half of the time. Thanks to Justin, i manage to stay awake for a little more moment.. XP

After everything went to DSA and ping pong with KimNgiam and Justin using our own self made ping pong table. XD Its small but its good since we get to improve our accuracy. XP

Then, me, Alex, Faris, Daniel and Justin went to KFC and had a quick dinner.. I forgotten how, but we've seem to enter a conversation about BLOWJOB. XD Funny like hell...

Sunday and Monday.. both are good days so far.. XP

So hows life so far?

So far sooo good. XP Getting the hang of new sem. XP