Monday, May 10, 2010

As Long As Its Happy..

Im done with the happy post.. Now its time for a little bit more emotional post.. XP

You dont like it? Bite me!!! XD

I made up a very new and simple two rule to all of my friends..

One, NO one else can emo infront of me, except me myself..
Two, If im ever emo.. refer to rule number one again! XD

Last time.. when i make an false action.. or a false move.. I will tell myself.. Dont do anything stupid.. be loyal.. be loyal..

But now.. I was thinking.. whats the point of doing that? o.O i mean.. i doesnt bring any benefit to me at all! Plus, its totally unfair.. X{

Heres another thing.. Ever time i message someone.. i always expect to get a reply or something or i will get really pissed damm easily.. Must be the emotional thing kacau-ing me la.. XP

Going to many places will always give me a quick flash of me and 'her' have been to. It sure brings back bad memories.. but on the bright side.. it brings back good memories as well. X) Not only places.. even music reminds me of 'her' alot.. will its the past.. i cant do anything about it no more.. X{

Alot of my guy friends.. or should i say MOST of my guy friends around as alway receiving random messages.. and then they will keep continue on texting..

To be honest.. im jealous.. I wish i have someone that i like that will just randomly sms me or something.. X{

Of course.. this things are just minor things..

Without these things.. Life still can go one..

There are many other problems in this world..

Seeing everyone around feeling happy.. i wont destroy the happy serrounds.. I will of course cop along with them and be crazy! X)

This is my other side.. Its another story.. X)

As Long As Its Happy.. Then everything will be fine to me. X)