Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Updates!

Seriously, i running out of ideas for the names to put for the title post. XD Anyways.. heres some latest updates about my life..

College life is fine these days.. everyone's emotions are more stable right now. And i didnt even do anything! XD I think that i stable one's emotions is to give themself a time of their own. X)

How about me? To be honest.. My emotions are still not stable. I can tell that myself when i act something very furiously. This is one of the reason why i swear so much these days. (as in extra much. XP) There is some anger inside of me that is going to burst any minute. Why? Thats for you guys to figure it out why la. XD Thanks to Suilun, i manage to release some of it from my heart. X)

I've been playing Birth By Sleep over and over again. Tired Proud Mode in BBS which is HARD as SHYT! Normal unserves also i can die! D8 Totally not my type.. This shows that I really need a new game.. XD

If u guys actually remember i said that i have been mixing songs together to form ONE song? I actually did it! XD with the help from How Six Songs Collide as a guidance i manage to mix..

Im Yours, Collide, Superman, Here Without You, Thunder, Baby, Nothin on You, Hey Soul Sister, How to Save a Life, Tear Drops on my Guitar.

I can actually mix more if i have the time to actually look into my chord book, compose and match it up. XP
This is something weird and random.. I had a very weird dream last night.. but its actually awesome and happy dream for me. Its a very funny dream as well. XD I dreamt about one of my old primary school friend. (its a she) XP I dream of that old friend of my exchanged college and entered my college cause she cant cope with the things she had there. The transfer to HELP and studying foundation in Science. Yes, Lim Kai Shin. Your the person that i dreamt last night. XP

Come to think of it.. its been awhile ever since i talked to her. XP
Today, during our social sphere meeting. Me and Max are staring at the display cupboard in the leads room and we found a picture of Hannah Tan with a REAL signature on it! D8 She actually came to HELP and helped out in some sort of event.

Hannah Tan
She is HOT.. as in HOT HOT! XD

Me and Max are like.. why are we not born a few years earlier!! XD And come to think of it.. shes a 'Tan' as well! If im lucky, shes could be one of my relative.. XD but that will never happen unless the world is turning upside down. XD
I guess thats all for now.. XP

My coming events..
-Quizes week!
-CFCamp! (im as head chef)
-Mid Terms!
-Fundraising events!

Pretty busy these days.. i hope after mid-term i can chillex around with my friends.. Not just college friends.. mayb high school friends or any other long lost friends. X)

Come to think of it.. i suddenly missed some one deeply all in the sudden.. it feels weird.. and different.. but still it makes me happy. X)