Thursday, June 17, 2010

The meaning of 'Klex'

I got bored from studying Internet Principle.. So i started turning on the computer to take a short break. (Yeah right.. a LONG break.. XD)

I got bored with facebook since no one is spamming my wall or something.. no one talking to me on msn cause they are probably busy studying right now.. I cant play my PSP because its charging and i dont charge and play my PSP.. (they say it will spoil the battery.)

So here what i did.. I went to goggle and type 'Klex' as a query. I first click search for the image.. and this is what i got as my search results.

Somebody made a Klex logo at some place.. looks freaking cool! XD

This dog is named Klex and its 4 weeks old.. XD

This guy's name is Klex as well. Klex Kreissman. Dont believe.. try finding him on facebook. You'll be surprise.. XD

I cant really find anymore pictures that is closely related to the word 'Klex' so i decided to hit on the webs to find if there is anything else or any meaning of my new name. XD

Heres what i found..

- KLEX is a Blue Grass Airport that is located at Lexigton, Kentucky, USA! (Im a freaking Airport! XD)

- Klex means providing an endless carousel of unique generative entities. (dont know what does that mean.. but it sure sounds cool! XD)

- KLEX (AM) , a radio station (1570 AM) licensed to Lexington, Missouri, United States. (It was found in Wikipedia.. XD)

- I never knew there is a images called.. KLEX image. Dont believe me? Check out this website.

- There is a website called KLEX IT. Coincidentally, it ralates alot to me! XD Check it out!

Im surprise that i can found out so many hidden and special things there are related to my name! XP I dont really get most of it.. but seriously.. freaking cool! XD

Seriously.. this is something very fun to do! You should try! XD