Friday, June 25, 2010

Ping Pong *PIACK*

Okay this post is just dedicated to my friend, Max. This is like the funniest thing that has ever happened to him.. well his always funny but this is just one of the thing that i remember..

Heres what happened..

It was Wednesday.. I have to go back to campus to get my 'Dreamweaver' program for my Internet Principle assignment. So after that finish taking the program.. i hang out around DSA for a little while and play ping pong with Justin.

After that Max and Ivan came back to main campus cause their exams just end. They join us a played a little bit of ping pong. Then four of us played a little bit of one on one game. Not long later ZhenPei came to DSA a well. XP

A few rounds pass and it was Ivan and Max's turn to play. While they are playing.. there are notice boards behide of Ivan.. and some girls are looking at the board..

It was an epic game.. I dun remember whats the score but the game epic! Then one of the turns.. both of them are just hitting the ball normally.. until Ivan fails to counterback Max's super fast come back. The ball was flying in the air.. then Max sees the opportunity to go a smash!

The time was right.. the ball is infront of him.. and he smashed! Sending the ball dashing towards Ivan.. Ivan quickly and dodge and then..

*PIACK* follwing by a girl voice :'OUCH!'

The ball fly towards one of the girls butt and u can hear a loud *PIACK* noise there! All of us Laughed so hard and started rolling on the floor.. XD Max laughed so hard that his face turn red! or maybe cause he was shy.. XD

I was a super funny incident.. So i guess that Max's way on getting girl's attention. XD Well its a good way cause the girl that ball hitted was pretty hot. XP

Dont worry Max.. you may not be the smartest dude in this world but ur a good friend.. and an Awesome entertainer! XD

Just minutes ago.. I was talkin to Max on msn.. then he suddenly disconnected. Suddenly.. he called my handphone and this what happened..

Me: 'What 7!?'
Max: 'My house no electric city! XD'
Max: 'Dunno just tell u la..'
Me: 'Haha.. oooooo.. paranormal.. XD'
Max: 'Yeah, who knows there is a little girl playing with the switch..'
Me: 'WHAT!?'


Dont feel bad Max.. look at the bright sides.. ur famous.. ur in my blog.. and now ppl know that ur a funny guy! XD

Believe me.. on monday.. Max is going to whack the shyt out of me la if he sees this post. XP