Monday, June 14, 2010

The Great Thinking Love Story of California Sister

My 2nd mash up is done and up one youtube! I should call is part 2 of my mash up series. XD Which means there will be part 3, 4, 5, etc..

Special thanks to Harmika for giving me this challenge. I accepted it with much pleasure! And the challenge was epic.. XP The challenge was that I must include the song 'California Gurls' inside a mash up by this month. Totally an epic challenge. XD

The name of the songs is called...

The Great Thinking Love Story of California Sisters

I got the name through combining all 6 songs names together.. the songs which are mashed up are..

1. The Climb -Miley Cyrus
2. The Great Escape -Boys like Girls
3. Thinking of You -Katy Perry
4. Love Story -Taylor Swift
5. California Gurls -Katy Perry
6. Hey Soul Sisters -Train

What do you guys think about it? XP

Heres what i think about this time's mashed up.. Compare to part 1, this one takes a shorter time to create as it is only 6 simple songs. It took me 3 days to finish this one but 3 weeks to finish the first one. Plus, compare to part 1, this one is not very interesting and my voice is suckier in this part.

I have to admit.. the first one was better.. The second one was a little too rushing.. mayb cause im excited to post it up but i never knew that it would turn out this bad. Totally not what i expected. Overall it did turn out pretty well as all the lyrics are correct and chords are fine.. XP

I cant wait for another challenge from anyone of you! Feel free to demand for songs for part 3 but this time.. dont set a date limit plss.. it gives me pressure. XD Send me the songs that u want to mash up through youtube. No Facebook plss.. XP

Im going to take a short break.. probably around 1 week or so la.. after my exams.. i'll get back to my youtube stuffs. XP


You guys are the best! X)