Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dont worry.. Be Happy..

College seems a little bit quiet these days.. the march intakers are not around and the january intakers are much busy settling up for mid terms and quizes.

So i guess its proven that march intakers are the main source of noise in HELP. XD And im going to be very very honest.. I missed the march intakers. X)

I've been having a pretty hard week right after CFC is over.. all the bad stuffs are coming in. I did good things during CFC, why am i getting bad karmas instead!?

I find David Choi songs are amazing.. All of his songs totally understands me.. sometimes i think that i dont need to figure out some words of wisdoms to explain my feelings. All i can do is just steal his lyrics and express my feelings! XD

Heres what im going to say to express my feelings..

I'm just having conversations..
with the thoughts in my head..
all I hear are angels crying..
Won't they just sing instead..

Honestly, this won't do..
how is she doing?
I tell myself I'm feeling swell..
but I know I'm such a fool..

I'll just take it as a new beginning..
but you know I don't feel that way..
who will take all this pain away?

Cause you'll probably find love..
In someone new..
I have to let go..
Yeah, its hard to do..

So if I ever see you on the street..
I'll pretend that I didnt see..
And turn my face..
No use in small talk anyways..
Cause if I look into your eyes..
Then Ill have to say goodbye..
And that'll break my heart..

Basicly.. most of the lyrics are from the song "That Girl".. XP

This is all true.. im am feeling this way right now..

Awww come on.. can I just be emotional for awhile again? XP

The pain will go away.. not today, not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow but SOMEDAY. X)

Im going to be SUPER emotional unstable these days.. but dont worry.. I have my ways to chill myself down.. X) yes, Im angry, sad, depressed and dissapointed.. i'll be alone some times but i wont show myself to everyone..

I dont wanna be the one that makes everyone sad..

After all.. this is not the first time that this happened.. X)