Thursday, June 3, 2010

One of Those Days again

Thursday.. Today was pretty much okay.. its actually better than average days. XD

My main concern of today is only my Internet Principle quiz. Althought its only like 5% but im going to go all out with it! XD

Today is also a pretty interesting day. I get to see lots and lots of ppl in their formal. Both march and january intakers. Its either their computer principle presentation or critical thinking presentation. XD I knew that this day will come and i dont wanna be the odd one, so i decided to wear semi-formal just for the fun of it. XP

Nothing much going on.. classes are all the same.. and i was starting to dooze off during each classes. Althought i have one and a half hour break every class but i still cant get the energy to stay focus! Red Bull doesnt really help this time.. still tired.. slept during Internet Principle lecturer class and CTS class.

Internet Principle quiz is not as hard as i thought. There are actually lots of bonus questions! but the sad thing is.. i didnt study hard enough to memorize everything.. DX

I going to be very honest.. in Internet Principle class.. my best and BEST friend is.. Mr. Siva. Even he says so! XD He calls me his buddy! 8D yes, be jealous ppl! XP

After class, i spend some quality time with Winnie AKA JinHwei. XD I have to get use calling her Winnie since she has to get to calling me Klex. XP And the fact is, Winnie is her real name and mine issint. XD Spend one and half hours together. Totally worth it.. XP

So, today I know something more about Winnie. X)

Went back home and looking forward to finishing my english outline and get ready my CTS presentation outfit. Suddenly, i saw KaiShin going online.. the first time i do.. CHAT WITH HER! XD

At the same time, I know something new about KaiShin as well. XP

And thanks to her.. she makes me wanna make video covers again! Maybe i will.. really need to update my youtube account. XP

These days im want to talk back with my old friends alot. XP Talking them makes me calm my emotions more.. and i felt more relieve.. X)
I have to stop swearing these days.. I've been swearing extremely alot! Even Winnie says so! D8 Mayb its cause my emotion unstable reasons.. but i wont find excuse. Yes, i do swear alot these days. XP

I should stop swearing.. well at least stop swearing infront of girls! XD but infront of dudes? I dont care man! XD
Tomorrow its going to be..
- English term paper outline due date.
- CTS presentation day.
- CFCamp! D8

So, i'll not be going online for 4 days and 3 nights! What im really concern about is the camp. First time being Head of Cafe! NERVOUS! DX

Oh well.. Good luck to me. X)