Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Not so Paranormal..

WARNING: Those who are afraid and have heart attack.. DO NOT READ THIS POST! Its a little scary.. just a little bit..

NOTE: This is ALL TRUE! Im not making shyts up!

Ever heard of Paranormal incidents?? is where unbelievably and unexplainable incidents that happens around you.. mostly it means the existance of something.. if you know what i mean..

After watching Ghost Adventure.. the show where people go and find 'those kind of things'. Im starting to believe in paranormal activities and also paranormal stuffs already. Now im getting even more sensative to my surroundings.. And these days.. im starting to hear something pretty unexplainable around me..

Im going to say these are NOT SO Paranormal..

1. When im sleeping.. i heard a high pitched hissing.

2. When i enter my room and turn on the lights.. i saw my papers are scattered around.. (before that.. the paper are placed nicely..)

3. My dog started to howl all in a sudden.. (usually it means that they saw something)

4. My dog random barks at the gate for no reason.. i dont see anyone walking pass our house or something..

Freaky isnt it? Yeap.. its pretty freaky when u heard or see things kind of things happened.. I have actually more.. but i cant recall the others.. Now, u might think that something paranormal is there.. but still.. evidence and investigation can reveal the truth.

Like i said.. these are not so paranormal.. so heres the truth that i found out.

1. when i wake up and look around.. my brother was making the hissing noise when his asleep. Just to make sure.. i stare at him and wait for a next one.. and it is him! XD

2. The paper start scattering cause i forgot to turn of the fan when i left the room. XD

3. My dog thinks that the paper lama noise is very scary or something.. so whenever he saws a paper lama car.. he will start howling.. dont believe me? come and see it one day.. XD

4. My dog saw a rat.. so he started barking.. XD

This is all true.. its all to fake to make this shyt up! I actually investigate for answers just incase that something is not paranormal at home.. Well thank god there are evidence to explain all the weird things that im hearing. XP

Maybe cause theres a Buddha Statue.. thats why.. XD

But still there might be something at home.. but just that its not doing anything paranormal. XP Who knows right?? XP