Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sayonara Youth Camp- Day 2+3

Sayonara Youth Camp- Day 2
Here we go again!!! XD

Morning Puja begins..

Then it was morning exercise, conducted by sis.LingFern and..


Errr.. I just woke up, so this is my sleepy face. XD

WeiGin looks happy and awake that day. XD

Okay, Now im awake!! XD

MunPing is still half asleep i think..

SweePie have a hard time following the exercise. XD Old already la..

Then, we had Banana Dance which were guide by MunPing, Justin, ZhenWhei, Allen, SzeMei and a little bit of me.. XD

Shake Banana~Shake Shake Banana

This picture looks like ZhenWhei is doing some bimbo move but its actually throw banana~Throw throw banana. XD

After we were brought to a park to play a game called 'Leadership is Key'. Well is a very complicated game even know its easy to explain.. if you guys listen to the rules and regulations, it shouldnt be a hard game to understand. X)

MunPing and Justin are happy to be in the park! XD

Watch out people! WeiGin in action!! XD

Justin picks up the key and GOOOOO!!!!

People just get kinda confuse in this game..

Unfortunately, the rain game.. (must be some blessing from buddha. XD) Then we have no choice but to move to the badminton court and have some mini games.

We first played some claping game, its something like the 'leng zhi kang game' but its slightly nicer. XD

clap~clap and some slap~slap

A little bit of sayang~sayang

You can just see how nice is this game from the look of everyone's faces.

After that.. game starts.. Captain ball!!!

Typical me.. Love to jump in super speed! XD

Because its a badminton court thats why its extra sweaty. XD

If you can see.. All the way behide.. SzeHao is jump catching the ball. Awesome!! XD

After the tiring sports.. its time to go back and bath and eat then play some sitting and chilling game.. This game is called 'Greatmind thinks Alike'. Simple game.. Its easier if i explain it face to face to you guys. (if you all wanna know how the game goes la. XD)

Before that.. we had a little bit of massage time.. ahhh.. XD

WanJin looks like shes thinking seriously for the answer. XD

You can never guess what the answer is suppose to be! XD

Then we have sometime to build our 'egg catcher' its another activity but it will be held tomorrow. So, that time we are just building it. X)

This picture proofs that i was serious doing the egg catcher. XD

After that its supper time!!

Everyone gathering up...

During supper time.. we have some surpise.. its Someone's birthday! XD

Everyone gather around the table..

Its Shawn and SharMin's birthday!! XD

If you are wondering whats their relationship, they are actually bro and sister. XD What a sweet bro and sister.. X)

After that we had a talk by..

Bro. Vincent!!! XD

We sat down and listen to some dhamma talked by him. Seriously, i did learn something new during that talk.. well a little bit la.. XD

After the talk, i did a little speech.. X) The speech was sooo touching that i almost cried.. (no seriously.. XD) Was it touching??

Oh well.. thats all for day two.. X)

Good night~ XD Btw, BingQian teman us to sleep that night. XD

Sayonara Youth Camp- Day 3
WE as in the guys who slept outside the boys dorm slept SUPER late last night. Cause we chat along with some of the committess. XD Thou it was fun but it SUPER tiring.. so the next day.. not much of us have semangat to do morning exercise.. XP

sis.Hvey Jci was hosting the morning exercise.

We dont have semangat but we still had FUN exercising. XD

We jog alittle bit...

and our exercise are just a little bit diffrent that usual. XD Its a little bit more to dancing.. but still it was FUN!! XD

Taking a deep breath.. X)

committess preparing breakfast for the participants.. thank you~ X)

In the camp we do have table but we just dont use it for breakfast..

After that is time go get out of that place and go somewher else to have fun! XD We sat bus all the way to Sungai Congkak for our 'river treking' activity.. yay!!

Everyone was gathering around..

before going into the river we had a little bit warm up..

and in we go!! LETS GO!! XD

From the looks of my face and zhenwhei face, it shows that how much fun we had. XD

Half of my team is here. X) Its a nice picture still~

btw, the river treking was guided by Bryan!! XD

The rule of this trekking is that we all have to hold hands. XD

The committess had FUN..

And so are the participants!! XD

Here we see MunPing's other side and Justin's 'otherside'. XD

After that we had a little games with the participants.. XD I was the host of the game and the game that we played was 'Cow in Grass GO Moo!!' (blog fans should knw what game is this game called. X) Here are some pictures of the punishment we had..

MunPing was be used as the pole for SeeToh to poledance. XD

YanLeng was punish to do some belly dance! XD

and MunPing posing as Ms Thailand.. XD

Next we had nothing activity which is some marble and pvc game.. which we have to use pvc tubes to pass the marble all the way to the end.. tough game.. honestly.. i dun really like this game.. sorry.. X(

Ready.. set..

GO!!! Yea.. thats how the game was played..

My team had a hard time figuring how to get the marble all the way to the end.. XD

and team Sexy Bald was the 1st winner~

Fellowship was the 2nd winner~ XD Good job~ X)

After everything is time to go bad to the centre.. And everybody was tired..



Even MunPing..

Even YanLeng too.. ALL of us are tired!! XD

Okay not really ALL of us are tired la.. siao one they all. XD

We reach bad to the centre.. we took a quick bath and then.. dinner was different.. which is kinda special...

This is not the special thing.. this what we do everytime. XD

Yeah.. this is what we are suppose to do!!! Dont get it??

We are suppose to feed each other!! Some are feeding guy to guy and some are guy to girl.. XD

From this picture.. this shows that i have a kind side.. XD

Looks like everyone is having fun feeding each other.. X)

Justin was nice enough to even feed the committees. XD

The Committees join along too!! XD Ahhhhh~

Mmmmmm~ XD

Erm.. dont care abt the face expression.. i wasnt doing anything bad.. REALLY!!

Nah, this is a banana!!

And this is how you peel a banana!! XD

After the feeding dinner, we have to quickly prepare for our Mis-Match night! (if you dont knw what issit.. the read the last post!!)

Justin acting as evil witch TOM!!

SzeHao being the next buddha..

MingYang being the gay JOKER from Batman..

Tai being as Lovely from the 7 Dwarfs..

MunPing getting something prepare..

Need i say more.. D8

Soon, Mis-Match Night begins.. everyone wasnt FULLY prepared (i think..) Captains are being called to choose who to go first.. and guess what? Of all numbers.. My team got the FIRST!! D8 Oh well.. here we GO!!

Meet the judges for the night!!

My team's sketch.. this part Shawn acting as Butler getting me, batman prepare! XD

Team Sexy Bald's sketch..

Team Excitement's sketch..

Team Fellowship's sketch.. (OMG, look at MunPing!!)

After the Mis-Match Night.. the judges are given time to get the results prepared.. in the mean time.. its time to check out the results for our egg catcher!!

Meet my team's egg catcher!! Looks like frech fries right? (Screw the egg, it has nothing to do with us.. XD)

Everyone is getting very tension..

Thats the highest height that the egg will the throw from.. Think your egg catcher can beat that height!?

Guess what?? In the end, all of us passed the highest height!! Does that mean we are all winners?? NOooo.... we still need a champion!! So we all have to explain and propose our egg catcher..

Team Excitement's egg catcher.

My team's egg catcher again.. XD

Team Sexy Bald's one..

And finally, team Fellowship's egg catcher..

Finally results are out.. The winner for the egg catcher was Excitement!! And first runner up was SexyBalds.. and the other two dont really have to bother already la..

And the results for the mis-match night.. second runner up was Excitement, first runner up was Fellowship and finally the winner for the Mis-Match Night was.. TEAM GORILLAS ENFORCES!!! XD Yeah.. im happy..

The night still goes on.. but i think im going to continue at the next post..

Gosh im tired.. Going to take a day off or two. XD