Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I keep bragging at home abt nothing to do, nothing to do, nothing to do.. in the end i found something to do.. something which most of us dont like to do.. Guess what? I have spring cleaning.. (por shud i say winter cleaning.. since is discember)

Well you ppl think that spring cleaning sucks.. dun worry i felt the same too.. at first.. Spring cleaning is not exactly fun (since we obtain dusts in our nose) its basicly boring, but but but its good.. first of all it cleans yur room, second it makes you found things which u didnt expected to find. XD Yeah, i found a few things in my room after cleaning. XP

I found some of my missing pokemon cards.. XP With the few extrass i can trash kcy, weisoong or even lenping in no time! (i think..) Well thats not all, remember i told u guess abt fixing my guitar strings?? Guess what? I found some old guitar strings which i can use to repair my guitar strings.. and woalah!!! My guitar is fixed penny-less.. X)

Another awesome thing happend today! My dad bought me a new phone!! 8D YES!!! A new phone with freaking memory stick and USB in it!! Yeeeehaaaaa!!! Now i can put in all the YUI and Taylor Swifts and also other awesome songs into my phone without worrying not enough space already!! 8D Awesome-ness!!!

Yes, Yes, Yes.. good things are happening.. Not to say that im greedy but.. KEEP IT COMING!!! XD