Friday, October 16, 2009

Fly Fm + Jennifer's Body

These days im IN to Fly Fm. Not to say Hitz Fm is out.. but fly fm digs me more.. XD I actually demand songs for people around me. XP So far i demand twice.. once sucess and one failed.. So listen to fly fm, who knws you can hear my voice in fly fm and who knows i might demand a song for u. XP

Fly fm keep telling me about this new movie called "Jennifer's Body". Guess whose the main actress guys?? Yeap, its the all time sexy hot Megan Fox acting as Jennifer in the movie. This is a hot, sexy, HORROR movie!! For the first time i find Megan Fox acting in a horror movie. And another character which is the main girl character in Mama Mia, Amanda Seyfried as anotehr main character in the movie.

The whole story is like that, Jennifer (Megan Fox) dunno how la she gets possessed by a demon. By day shes the sexy girl who every guy wanan go out with but night.. she kills only guys and EATS them!! Needy (Amanda Seyfried) also known as Jennifer's best friend is try to protect all guys from letting Jennifer to kill and eat them.

Thats all i know about the story.. take a look at the trailer.

Is Megan Fox hot or what!? Honestly im not the kind of guy who watch horror movies.. but this time im kinda intrested in this one. Mayb its cause of Megan Fox.. XD

Im back in Facebook.. thanks to this game called Ninja Tricks.. argh.. its a retarded game but dunno why am i intrested in it! D8 Well basic the main reason i go to facebook again is to use the chat system there.. more of my friends are using it! Dunno why.. o.O

Nothing really much happend these days.. Listening to radio.. chao!!