Friday, October 30, 2009

Whats New?

So, Whats new??

Yeah... for those of you who actually keep in touch in my blog, you guys will notice that i change some of the pictures in it a little bit.. XP You should at least notice the header gua.. its usually YUI's hand tunning the guitar *its was YUI's hand!? D8*

Okay newies are not just my blog.. i also have newies in me! XD Or should i say on me.. XP Yeah, i got a new specs.. but it looks exactly the same like the old one.. just that the crack on the side of my spec is now gone. XD Let see anyone can see that its a new specs or not..

Im in the mood for writing a song.. XP And the new song is going to be called "Stay Happy" sounds like weird but thats the name that my inspirations tells me. Exams?? Well, i can put a in a little time to write about it. Shouldnt harm much.. i think..

Taylor Swift has a new song too. XP Its all "Jump then Fall". Like always, another song about dudes and felling in love. Tarvin says that Taylor is emo.. i dont kinda agree with that.. hrm.. oh well, why bother? Thats what other people's comments says.

I got new ringtones in my phone!! first it was Taylor Swift's "You belong with Me" then i change to BigBang's "Haru-Haru".(all thanks to Megan for sharing the same ringtone like me so i have to change it) Now, its Cobra Starship's "Good Girls Go Bad". XP Trust, im going to change to WBX soon once i get the song from anyone i know. XD

I change my blog songs too. From "Haru-Haru Accoustic Version" as the first song to "Two is better than One". Its a good song thanks to Vania's obbession towards this song, im obbessed with it too. XD Add another few new songs in too.. XP

Oh, well thats all new about me. X) See ya~