Monday, November 9, 2009

Am I studying??

No honestly.. not really that much.. its always opens the book and feeling drowsy and BANG!! Sleeps... dammit!!! I need to study!! I need to freaking group study but why cant I? Cause my mama dont let me.. she stills doesnt trust me argh!!! even my brother doesnt!!

So here i am blogging shits again.. yes im pissed right now!! Freaking SPM is coming and im still not working hard!! I really putting effort!! WTH is wrong with me!! ARGH!!!! Come on YuMing just freaking opening the book and farking read!!! grrrr.... How i wish i was a study kind of person.

I have no regrets joining SPBT. Yeap, you think that is just a bunch of ppl who incharge of book.. NO.. Its actually a very fun thing to do!! One, is you get to ponteng class.. Two, is you get to have more connections with the books.. Three, you get more connections with the members.. Four, you get to make videos with the 7Bachelors! XD Yeap, im in one of the videos of 7Bachelors.. The video is soon going to be out.. soon.. means its not out yet.. wait la..

I did something i tell myself not to do again.. but i cant help it and i did i again!! ARGH!! Dammit!! I dunno but it just happend you know!? Argh!! im about to go crazy.. if this keeps goes on im really going to like burst!! Grrr...

Nothing is making me happy u knw?? this and that yada yada yada.. argh.. im really going crazy..