Friday, November 13, 2009

Thursday Night

yeap, thursday night is always my night. After my add-maths tuition i will take some free time and listen to the radio. The frequency of on my phone is not that clear, so i usually listen to And heres what i do.. i will make song demands. XD

Last week, it was my first time making a song demand. So i demanded my own song which is "Good Girls Go Bad". And walah i manage to get through after like 7 plus tries. XD Then, this week i demanded a song for Megan. XP the conversation was freaking funny.. and yes it took me 7 plus tries again. XD "Tokio Hotel Automatic" the song is..

So mayb during SPM i still will do the same thing.. i will demand a song for my friends around 10pm plus and then have fun!! XD One of them could YOU!!! (Yeah, you the one reading my blog now) Go listen to Fly.Fm every thursday night for my song demands and conversations. XD (btw, some of my friends heard me on radio. XD)

Finally malaysian have good songs!! Yeap, the famous band Bunkface. But i only like two song from their album which are "Through My Window" and "Prom Queen". Nice.. when i grow up and when im famous, im going to be just like them!! (fat chance la!!)

Im in to musics! As in only sound and instrumental, so singers. Yeap!! And i love the tracks from Final Fantasy Series. Especially Dissidia versions one. One of my favourite is "The man with the Machine Gun" AKA Laguna's theme. XP

Nothing much.. go to school just to play some guitar and show off some skills. XP nothing much, most thanks to KCY for teman on most of the days. XD

SPM is coming.. fark la..