Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Im Offically Diggin!!

You know what?? Im offically diggin Taylor Swift!! I cant stop my mind thinking of her!! 8D I even dreamt of her.. (im not kidding.. ask my sister about it!!) Proves how much im IN to her nowathese days!! XD

She has her own youtube account and I've watch her videos.. over and over again!! People said that account is problally a fake. Well i believe its a REAL!! Fake or Not, I got nothing to lose!! All of her self made videos are all there.. and i believe not taylor swift fan can make up those video. XD Believe me or not its up to you!! XP

Since im totally IN to Taylor Swift, Im learning all of her songs.. since most of her songs are available on guitar, plus her song chords are alot easier to learn.. its either capo or easy chords. XD Love her songs!!

This is one of her videos.. she put a hard time making up this video!! And i find it pretty funny looking at her impression and also her other friend's one. XD Thus the guy in the song [You Belong with Me] is in the video too. XD Go to her account to find more..

Yeap, I've said before and im going to say it again!! I love Taylor Swift! And everybody does!! XD I found a few which dont find taylor attractive.. weirdos..

I find Taylor Swift pretty similiar to YUI. I mean.. look, they are both female guitarist, super famous in their own country, accoustic guitarist, both are still young, Erm.. i cant think of it anymore!! But they both are similiar!! Just that one is famous in Japanese and the other one is English.

Speaking of YUI! So does that mean Im not IN to YUI anymore?? FAT Chance la!! Im always in to YUI!! Shes still the first guitar girl to give me my inspiration to play guitar! X)

I'll never forget YUI!! As in NEVER!! XD

Gotta play some guitar and then try to study.. Bah~ See Ya!!