Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Holiday

Pfff... friday is usually occupied with tuitions but i canceled everything just to make my life more beutiful!! XD Yay the joy in my soul!! XP But my mom called me to clean up my room cause its a big mess.. so, pffff...

I like Yu-Gi-Oh! again!! XD Well the show is damm fake.. cause its all depends on risk and luck and miracles. But i do like the cards!! XD The show is just damm fake la.. i watch the ending of season 1 again.. its nice but fake la.. (How many times am i suppose to say that.)

Me and my brother have some quality time to getting.. we spend time cleaning our room (i did all the work) and spend time watching somethings on youtube. We watching some fishing thingy, car thingy, funny thingy and some taylor swift thingy! XD My brother likes Taylor. X)

Heres what i mean about funny. XP

Get the song?? XD My brother said that the guy singer is a very famous DJ. Well he does look familiar. XD And the girl.. shes hot and she can freaking sing! Love her voice.. X)

Taylor Swift is good.. Shes actually my favourite ENGLISH female singer. Japanese one is YUI. XP But that VMA awards really really hurt her soooo much. If it were me i will go like what the fark are u doing on my stage!? Fark Kanye West!! Agree with me people!?

Watching Kamen Rider Den-O the movei [Saraba Final Countdown].

Im bored.. i have to do some now! Or tomorrow!! Anyone wanna go gai~gai?? XP