Saturday, September 19, 2009

YUI [Never Say Die]

I thought that YUI got only one new song.. but infact there are 2!! D8 [Its all too much] and [Never say Die] is both different song!! D8 Damm~

Yes, i just found out that YUI have another new song through youtube. 8D All thanks to Natumi for posting the guitar cover. X) Now i got another new YUI song in my com!! Yay!!

I dun quite get the PV la.. its like girl in short skirts playing football.. cause of showing their boy friend's picture with them to each other. Its kinda weird.. But the song is kinda nice.. but i have to say [Its all too Much] is nice. XD Her short hair makes her even cuter in this MV.

Now YUI is much of a rock song singer already.. her songs are mostly meant for pop rock.. well i still love her.. that doesnt really change everything.

Thanks to Michelle, i get the MV of this song before the song was band from youtube!! Thank you Lollygal!! XD

I love YUI~ Everybody knows that. XD