Thursday, September 17, 2009

Korean Songs

Im kinda in to korean songs these days.. well just a few of them.. im not really IN to their bands/singers/artist but im IN to their songs only. XD Which means im not really a big fan of them neither im really a big fan of korean songs. XP

I just notice.. most of the korean artists dance and sing at the same time.. even knw their steps for the song are like the same thing over and over again.. but still im impressed with their dancing and singing skills. XP

Its all thanks to my brother, Choonglye and Ranee for corrupting me with some korean songs.. seriously.. to know some girls better, is good to know some korean songs or artist. XD Girls LOVE korean guys/girls. XD Trust me..

I kinda like this group of korean singers called 'Kara'. I only like one of their songs which is called [Wanna]. I have to say that song is good.. even knw its reapeating over and over again. Dunno why but i seem to like it. XD

The song is nice.. of course the girl is nice too (at least im honest) i only like 2 girls in this group which are Nicole (the one with short hair) and Gyu Lee (the prettiest one).

Heres something special about this song.

Yeap it has a male version.. XD Sounds nice too!! The video is not the dance for the song [Wanna] but it seems kinda similiar. XD The guy who did this eddited it very well. XP The name of this group is the all famous TVXQ/DBSK/Dong Bang Shi Ki. Girls love them.. not only because of their looks.. but they can really really sing. Im impressed. XP

Korean song are nice.. cause you dont knw the meaning of the song. XD Thus, the melody of the song is nice too.. some are kinda hippy and some are very romantic..

Still im not use with the different kind of language they are saying. Im still more of a Japanese song kind of person. XD If is japanese then its of course, YUI!! XD

Till then, tata!! XD