Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Birthday Friend

Sejarah yesterday.. damm... im damm confident in the paper!! Im soooo confident in that paper that i can get 10marks! XD Passing? FAT CHANCE LA!!

Today was pretty much bad.. cause the whole day im kinda thinking of jh.. then i spontanously walked pass her house day, her maid even waved at me.. oh well.. cannot means cannot la. XP I can bare with it.. this is nothing.. X) Dont worry~

But that night kinda cheered me up, thanks to choonglye, i remember one of my old friend's birthday. Yeap, shes KaiShin. XD Its been like 3 years ever since we really talked with each other.. but last night.. we talked for almost 10minutes! And 4 messages.. XD

For some reason.. im really happy.. she said some nice things to me. (i think..) Well i really hope that i can meet her again.. i'll sure to buy her a present.


Seriously.. i still she looks a little bit like Aya Kamiki.. XP

Oh and heres another one.. its kinda late it shows my sincierlity. XP

(btw, thats suelyn. XD)

A day of sadness and a day of joy. I was happy until i couldnt sleep at night.. XD

Oh well.. no exams today.. so chilling.. XD But tomorrow Chemistry exams.. D8 owww crap.. here goes another one..