Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Physics was Physics

Thank god today's physics paper was exactly physics paper! XD Simple.. easy.. straight to the points!! Chemisty ppr 3 was okay.. but Physics ppr 3 was surprising different from what we did yesterday, i have to say it was okay cause i dont think i did well.. oh well~

OMG.. Zhao Yang was super brave today.. or should i say super stupid.. XD You can never guess what he did during chemistry exams. He farking tear (am i spelling the word correctly. o.O) something like destroy on of the chemistry exams paper!! D8 The funniest part is he did that on purpose!!! D8 So is brave or stupid?

Company Celine home today. AGAIN!! Well she wanted to walk home AGAIN, so i decided to teman her AGAIN!! Well same road.. same place.. same jokes.. but but but I get to meet her undetified sexual cat! XD The cat is freaking small!! Its the size of my palm! (but my palm is kind huge as well. XP) I was soooo scared that i crush the little fella. I think that cat is a female.. XD

Yipieee! Tomorrow Mod-Maths, my kind of thing! Muahaha! But still cannot legan-legan.. pass year questions here i come!! XD

Guess whos this??

Its YUI!!! XD

I miss YUI very very much.. I need to listen to her songs more.. im still loyal to her!! XD Proofs that im her loyal big fan (boyfriend). Hope Taylor Swift doesnt take my attention.. XP