Thursday, September 24, 2009

Taylor Understands

Nowathese days im like digging in my Taylor Swift. First, she has become my friend in youtube. *yay!* Next, is cause she a teenage girl!! Come on shes only 18yrs old this year!! 8D And lastly, she kinda reminds me of YUI. XP Both are young girls, can play guitar, can sing, and very popular when they are young. XD Pretty similiar eh?? (YUI is just older.. XP)

What does the title have to do with this post?? o.O Dun get it eh?? Jsut take a look at this video i found.. X)

What she said on begin on 1:29 on the video.. it kinda makes sense.. Mayb i should write a song about some incident.. and just tell the story with it. X) Mayb that will make me feel a little bit happier and stronger. I wanna be strong! X)

I like Taylor Swift's song called [Fearless] and [White House]. well even knw the songs are usually meant for girls.. but the songs are very meaningful.. let just say all her songs are very meaningful, especially for people who are in love and something like that. XD

I like Taylor Swift and Everybody loves Taylor Swift.. X)

I still like YUI, dont worry.. XD