Saturday, September 19, 2009

Home Alone..

You know what?? Me and Wei Soong can be a real good series of "Home Alone". Why?? Cause most of the time, its only us alone at home. Right WeiSoong? XD

Home alone.. AKA bored.. real bored. Someone has to bring me out somewhere!! I need to see the world!! I dun wanna grow fat or skinny at home!!

The good thing when your at home alone, you can strum your guitar as loud as you can in your room. Nobody cares! 8D Thus you can sing or do anything stupid and you wont have anything to embrassed about. But lock your room just incase yur maid comes alone. Thus, home alone you can open your music loud loud! These are usually what i do when im home alone. XP Yeap, im lifeless. XD

What im sick about is tuition during holidays. Even holidays have tuition really pisses me off.. Well SPM is coming and that what pisses me off more!! Pfff... life sucks when you are form 5.. form 5 dont suck.. the exams sucks.. agree?

I vist facebook again! i mean.. like the 2nd time this month. XD Well i find facebook is a good place to chat! XD I get to chat with some of my old old old friends. XP Part of them are like KaiShin and XinYi. Yes, XinYi is my sunday school classmate for like 12 years already! (thats what she says)

Oh btw, To All Sunday School friends!! Im going for Lantern Night!! 8D So all of you better come, this could be the final farwell for me. X) Let all go see lantern together la. X) Thus i wanna sing with all of you again.. so plss come yeah? X)

I wanna talk to "her" but i dun have the guts.. everytime when we start talking in msn.. i cant really start a conversation with "her". I mayb be big and tall.. but inside im a very very shy shy guy. XP Cant stop thinking about "her".. hope shes will healthy! X)

Okay, lots of you have been asking.. whose jh?? whose "her"?? Those i comfirm cannot tell u guys la.. You have find out yurself. XP Well but i can tell you. jh and "her" are NOT the same person. Okay??

Im going to continue my own series of Home Alone la.. XD