Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Old Friends are Lights

From the last post, i got kinda down due to some small small incident.. well like i said, im very sensetive. XP Well im kinda cool with now.. since i've talked with my old friends.. X)

Well i have to say, my old friends are actually always looking after me.. X) Today, at the afternoon after tuition, Weng called. Btw, Weng is my old old basketball friend, also known as my basketball sifu!! Its been almost 4 months ever since we last talked.. but suddenly he called me!! 8D

We have a short conversation, he said nice things to me and make me happy. XD He remember when he saw chao's blog with my blog link. So he tried his very very best to comfort me.. It was a short like 6 minutes of talk on the phone but.. that 6 minutes made me alot more happier.. I ower another one, Weng. X)

Next, Chao another old basketball friend came to my blog again! 8D Coincidence.. he finally visit my blog again after soo long!! XD Same thing like what Weng did, he comfort me.. and you know what? When im sad, mayb i really should go back and find them for a basketball game. XD I will and this a promise.

Lastly was KaiShin, well.. i never talk with her for sooo long but tonight was the longest coversation we had after soo long. X) She didnt really comfort me or anything.. but she did make me a little bit happier through the conversation. Dunno why? XD Mayb cause she cured my bored-ness~ X) I really apperciate it..

Friends are Lights.. they are always be a light that shine on you when you are down but the light could just fade away anytime.. but old friends are the a kind of light that never be shut down.. thats why its a friendship bond that can never be broken.. X)

Long story short, Friends are the BEST! X)

I feel more lighter now.. X) Thank you everyone~