Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trails or YUI??

You knw what.. FAK trails la!! YUI is more is more important!!

Yes, im going online just to look for YUI's new song [Its all too Much] MV. And guess what?? Its my lucky day!! I found it!! And i was just uploaded like 2 hours ago.. 8D Lets see!!!

For those of you who are YUI fans.. did u notice anything new abt YUI?? Yeap, she cut her hair!! D8 her long hair was better but short hair.. i can live with that. XD Thus it makes her more cuter. XD All along she still looks beautiful. X) I miss her sooooo much! The MV is beutiful.. its worth to download..

her smile is worth to not study.. XD

ANYONE WITH YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER PLSS HELP ME TO DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO FIRST!!! PLSSSSSS... Trust me the video is going to dissappear in another 1 or 2 days.. youtube is stingy so they wont let us get to see free japanese MV in youtube.. so can someone help me download first!! How are u going to gimme that one we plan next time. XD

I found another video of YUI.. it was a japanese festival event and she was singing live.. i suspect that the song that she sang is one of her new album song.. hrm..

I think she looks very cute in the ninja suit costume. XD What am i saying.. shes cute in anyways. XD Dont waste your time downloading this for me.. the sound quality is not that nice.. so lets wait and see only download la. XP

Im done with YUI.. now?? Trails. XP

BM ppr 1- was nice.. i wrote the question with the filem thingy. Damm spontanious.. sribble.. sribble.. sribble.. i worte abt the movie which i love and watch like more then 7 times.. smart ppl and blog fans should knw what movie issit. X)

BM ppr 2- rumasan and novel was good.. others i kinda screw the whole thing up.. but nvm!! I think i can pass!! Confidently!! XD

ENG ppr 2- the paper was one of the hardest paper i did in my life! Summary was a royal pain in the ass!! I manage to answer the novel and short stories thanks to Vania. I owe her one.. XP Long story short.. the paper was hard..

ENG ppr 1- was waaaaaay better than paper 2!! Article to promote the club was pretty easy. XP 2nd question was very hard to pick.. cause all are soooo easy to write! It only depend on how much i want to think to write only. XD But i picked the title 'water' since i did it before with my tuition teacher. XD

tomorrow?? Moral and EST. EST is nothing for me.. but Moral is the biggest shit ever. I only remember 13 nilais so far.. 23 more to go!! ARH!!!! Lazy to memorize ady.. hopefully i can cramp everything last minute.. XP Cannot blame me.. i am a lazy guy.. XP

I watch a touching hong kong drama series.. its pretty sad.. until the end is still sad.. arh.. i cant take dramas.. any drama with something abt relationship.. hate it!! but still wanna watch.. dunno why. o.O

YUI YUI YUI!! I really wish her all the best in her new album. X)

Wish me luck!! X)

i am afaird that you will ignore me like what u did last time..