Thursday, September 17, 2009

Screw Today, Enjoy Holiday!

Like what is written at the title la.. XD

I screwed Add-maths today.. ish.. feel damm bad.. Actually, if i really really put in more effort in add-maths i can improve one!! I can do add-maths one!! But the only thing stopping me from improve is laziness.. that cant help it la. XP

Tomorrow is holiday.. actually, tomorrow got Accounts paper 2 and EST paper 2 one. But its holiday!! So its posponed to school reopen.. now.. im not sure whether im suppose to be happy or not. XD I think I should be happy, since i can have more time for accounts. XP

Yesterday, Mod-Maths was FARKING easy!! Everybody find it hard but i find it easy!! 8D Im such a show off. XP I finish the paper 2, TWICE!! Means i do the paper, then do the paper again!! (rechecking answer) i got confident that i can an A already. X)

Im still bored.. what to do?? I guess youtube is my best choice la..

Heres some tips.. if your bored/emo/sad heres what you do, you go youtube and watch all kinds of funny funny stuffs for example, Happy Tree Friends!! The show is cute+violet but its god damm funny! What works best for me is, Whose Line Is It Anyway!! That one never fails to make me laugh.

Screw Today but im going Enjoy Holiday. Thank you Islam for giving us holidays! XD

Enjoy you RAYA people!!