Monday, September 14, 2009

Physics NOT Physics

Today was the all god damm farking hard physics paper.. im always scared of my physics paper since im more sucky in physics.. thus i like chem more than physics usaully. XP So yeap.. so today is the all oh my farking gord dammit physics exams..

Yeap, today Physic paper was not physics paper.. its the worst yet hardest physisc paper i did in my whole year in school. Swear to god!! Paper 2 was okay.. since i woke up early to study it, but paper 1? pffff... im farked...

After school i decided to accompany jh hope (thinking of..) but turn out i accompany someone else! XD A friend which i never accompany her home before. Celine! XD Since shes walking home alone.. i decided to give her some company. XP

I was a very short journey to her house but i walked pass a padang where i almost got robbed before.. but i was lucky.. XD Then when we reached an area.. I decided to play some guessing game with her.. guess which one is her house was hard cause all the house at that area look freaking alike!! D8 Or issit just me..

Reached home sleep and wake up going to play some guitar hero with Tarvin, Nat, Ronald and Huiee again!! Weeee!!! Tomorrow? Well its Chemistry ppr 3 and physic ppr 3, soo... good luck to me??

Damm why is WBX full song not out yet!? pfff...