Monday, September 21, 2009

I dunno why.. but.. im currently not in the mood now.. well.. i just dont understand.. im really really confuse.. real god damm confuse..

I was just being real fearless after i heard the song from Taylor Swift called [Fearless]. My confident have boost! I felt like another person!! I wanna do wat i wanna do!! YEAH!! But after that just 3 sentence, around 30+ alphabathes shot me down.. real bad..

For that moment.. i was very very scared.. room a hot room suddenly turn into a cold room. I was stunned looking at the monitor for like 3 minutes.. palms are wetting like waterfalls.. im serious.. i was real scared.. So scared that i felt like i wanted to cry.. eyes are watering..

I dunno what to do after that.. i just suddenly turn mood down!! Totally dead.. dunno what to do and i was just trying my best to make things back to normal.. spam words and alphaberts. Telling, Saying, Yaping and Praying that things would just be normal.

No one is wrong, its just me who is just damm fucking sensative..

I learned my lesson today.. I have to learn how to not talk sooo much until it annoys people.. I have learn how to not talk the same thing over and over again.. and i must also.. not to be waaaay tooo confident on what im saying.. STOP YAPPING!!

So, you knw the Taylor Swift song [Fearless]? For me, its just another way around..

Im not in the mood right now.. bye