Friday, September 11, 2009

One More Week..

Yeap, one more week for trails.. the first week way nice.. second starting to stress me out.. i wonder how bad can this last week be.. wanna knw how abt issit? I got Physics ppr 123, Chem ppr 3, Addmaths ppr12, mod-maths ppr 12, accounts and est ppr2 . These paper are enough to kick my asss.. argh..


Im saying this to myself just to make myself happier. XP

Why la why la.. WBX full song havent come out.. i really really like that song! Its not because of the singer who looks alot like my old friend but the song is really really nice.. i think is the best kamen rider song in all rider history. XD

I listen to YUI's [Life] again and it make me think of her more and more!! I need a YUI musics!! Someone gimme a freaking pendrive and let me save all her songs for my brother's com!!! XD

Watched Transformer 2 again.. now i think i like JetFire.. XD His old but his wicked funny!! XD Strong?? Nah.. that one comfirm is Optimus Prime ady one la.. XD BumbleBee? oh.. everyone just love that bee. XD But Megan is still hot in every shape and size.. mmmmm..

I really got nothing to say right now.. i dun wanna talk abt exams.. i dun wanna talk abt games.. all i wanna do is just sit down and take a break. X) Enjoy life..

Okay i got a girl whos smashing guitars at me.. XD Gtg chao!!