Monday, September 7, 2009

Kamen Rider W

The new season of Kamen Rider W is awesome.. I think that its not weird at all!! XD After watching the first episode i find it kinda cool.. especailly when its in the dark.. the lights of the armor are glowing! XD Thus this rider has a car!! Same as the rider Black RX but this one broke his record for having a cooler and bigger car. XD

Okay i dont really think the rider is cool.. (its kinda weird actually) but i like the opening song!! The song is really really nice!! People said that it might be the best rider song yet! 8D Like i said in the last post, the song is called WBX, W Boiled Extreme.

Nice issint it? The opening is waaay better than decade's one.. decade's one is emo shit but this one is wow!! The song makes u wanna listen to it over and over again!!

Thus, this song is sang by a famous female japan artist called Aya Kamiki. What surprising is she looks alot like an old friend of mine KaiShin! D8 Take a look!

To those of you who know kaishin just try to compare.. they look something alike... or issit just me.. XP

Who ever it is.. i still like YUI!! X)


I wonder.. why are YUI's songs only for movie and animes.. why not riders? XD

Sejarah tomorrow.. Im farked..