Sunday, September 6, 2009

W Boiled Extreme

Yeap.. Im W Boiled Extreme (WBX).. Really really boiled.. well thats actually the name of Kamen Rider W's opening them. XD Who cares..

Let me tell u something truthful.. WARNING, its emo.

I kinda miss jh all in a suddenly.. its been a long time ever seen we talked to each other face to face or even smsed.. In my mind.. thinking.. even during exams.. im thinking of her..

When i looked at one of jh's friend's blog and found a picture of her.. picture of her smile.. its been awhile ever since i seen such a happy smile on her face..

I wanna talk to her.. but I just cant.. or should i say.. I dun want.. is like a wall is blocking me.. and theres a reason for it and im not going to tell it out here!! (unless this is a private blog but its NOT)

I dont blame her for not talking to me.. cause its me who dont wanna talk to her.. i deserve to be sad right now.. some brother and sister we are..

Im confuse.. and sad.. and stress.. and happy. XD

Btw, i never had a girl message which says "I Love Ming, Love you always" never!! Never until today!! Thanks to a good friend of mine.. X) I love you too.. Btw, shes a FRIEND!!

For me..

If i like someone i will go down to the max!
If i hate someone i will go down to the max!
If i am happy i will go down to the max!
If i am sad!!! You'll knw the answer..

Im sorry but I Love You..