Friday, January 28, 2011

Me with Janice & Sonia!?

Dont get your hopes to high up. Im not doing a cover with Janice and Sonia or something.. I wish that could happen but come on people. Back to reality. XD

Heres the story that just happened in about 30minutes ago. No kidding. Its a story between me and my funny dad. Heres what happened.

I was infront of the computer on a friday afternoon doing nothing. Suddenly. i missed Janice and Sonia's voice. So i open a new tab and search for Janice and Sonia on youtube just to listen to their voice. (Yeah, im a huge fan of theirs.)

*Just incase some of you dont know whose Janice & Sonia. Go to youtube and search for them. It should be the first video in the whole list. XP Their voice are angelic! XD

All in the sudden, my dad comes in a talk to me for a little while. The he saw Janice and Sonia and he went.

Dad: You know them?

Me: Sorta.. (They are my youtube friend)

Dad: They sound great! And they are beautiful!

Me: I know.. *smiles*

Dad: That one is better looking.. *points at Sonia*

Me: Yeah, I like her too. XP

Dad: Have you sing with them before?

Me: Cannot.

Dad: What do you mean cannot?

Me: Cannot la.

Dad: Why leh? Issit cause your not good enough for them?

Me: Thats one. And its also cause they are from Australia?

Dad: CHEH!!!!! No hope la like that!!


Well.. Thats dad... XP

But if i have a chance to see them or better, sing with them, it would be like a dream come true. They are like Taylor Swift or Victoria Justice with me. XP Well Yu Ming.. dream on..

Janice is the right, Sonia is the left. XP

The Dynamic Duo! XD

Owh, btw. This is my 800th blog post!! YAY!!! Come to think of im, i am pretty lifeless. DX