Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Offically Back to College

Sup ya'll!!! Im back to college!! Not for degree but still in foundation. Not moving any where further yet. XP

From what I heard from my friends. Degree is crap.. boring.. sucks. Thats the things that they told me when i ask them about degree. Its only day 3 and they said it sucks already.

Now i felt a little bit lucky that i didnt move to degree early. XD

I already started my first college class. Finite Maths. I was first in group K. But most of my friends are in group A. So, I spam and run around trying to get myself into group A. Finally, I entered group A. XP But guess what? All of my friends suddenly turn to group K cause the time table is way better. In the end, im back to group K again. XD

My lecturer is Mr.Fikree. He gave me a good impression in class. Funny malay dude. He started teaching chapter 1 already on the first day of class itself. I guess the reason is probably because he dont want to lose to the speed that the other lectures are teaching. XD I said i think.. so im most probably wrong. XP

Max, Justin, Katherine and Alex are in my class. I spotted one of my younger high school mate in that class. but i guess she couldnt really recognize me due to my different looks and hair style. (Or maybe shes just plain ignoring me.)

Im starting to blend in with the new january intakes. Not just with them, the other old intakers too. Starting to hang out and talk to them more often.

More friends more merrier.

Unless i did something sooo bad that pissed them off. Then more friends more screw up. XD I will try my best not to screw anything up and stay as happy as possible in college. X)

Alrights.. I have no class tomorrow. Guess I'll just Kingdom Hearts all day~ XP