Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nohting to Talk About

For onces.. i got nothing to talk about. XP

Its not like lately nothing happen.. its just that.. i dont really find anything interesting to talk about here. If you want me to talk, i will talk about games which is probably the things that i do the most lately. Okay, i lied, i do that everyday. But if i talk about that, that will just make myself sound lifeless. DX

This blog is too public for me to speak somethings about life. Plus, its not for me to judge sometimes. Im not god, im no hero, im no superman. XP

I would say that the most entertaining thing that happened to me lately was yesterday. Going out with my friends and WATCH them shisha. Apparently, EVERYONE and i meant EVERYONE there shisha EXCEPT me. XP

Ordered a fried chicken set there and it took them about 30mins to make two fried chicken!! Its like they actually went through the whole process of getting a chicken!! Like step 1, catching a chicken, step 2 unfeather the chicken or wtv you guys call it la!! When the chicken comes, i found out that the chicken was not cooked!! Blood leaking from the chicken itself! D8 Then i waited for another 30mins for another pair of fried chicken. DX

Kudos to Justin for fetching home, there and home again. XD The ride back home was nice..roll down the window and feel the wind and singing 'Like a G6' at the same time in the middle of the night. Totally Crazy. You try that. XD

Wow.. guess i did find something to blog about. XD Lets just hope some AWESOME thing turns out for me to blog about. XP

Owh, some of my friends ask me to vlog AKA video blogging. Maybe is because i like to talk crap here and there. XD But i will have to say no. For many different reasons. The two main one is because i dont have a good camera and i dont look good in a camera. DX XD

Alrights.. everyone STAY ALIVE!! XD Tatas~