Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last Day of 2010

Hrm... What am i gonna do for the last day of 2010? Thats a pretty tough question for me myself. Its an even tougher question for me when it come to 'what to blog about'. XD

Alright, I shall make it plan simple.. I shall talk about what do I think about the year 2010, what happened to me during 2010, yada yada yada.. (We'll see what comes into my brain when im bloggin la.)

I think that 2010 is an awesome year for me. Seriously awesome. Since im in college, im totally experiencing a whole new level life. What can I say about college is that, its more chillax.. But I did take it a little bit too lightly.. So i faced stress at times as well when im in college. XP

If i would compare college life and high school life.. I would say my college life is waaaay better than high school life. That because i faced less dramas in college compared to high school. Maybe is because im smart enough now to not get myself into troubles and learn everything from my mistakes now.. i guess.. These things are not for me to judge..

Being 'Klex' is also another new thing about me. I guess the theory of using a fake/cool/weird/special name in college really works. It worked for me, my sister and my brother. XP Did I became popular? Well, that not for me to answer. XP

I would have to say.. that i became slighty more matured and grown up a little bit when Im in college. I know my ways for dealing with things .. but my ways are always the rough and tough way. XP Whats really important is.. I learn how to take in some stuffs.. like straight forward kind of things.. But still I have my limits. XP

Emo ah? Alright, im still the same old Tan Yu Ming that get emos half of the time. Yeah, i faced emo-ness this year.. i think its for the first half year if im not wrong. But the second half of the year, it was all good. XP I learn to not show my emotions and also not to put in on to other people around me. I learn how to stand up and walk away from pains and move on with life better now. Work out pretty good for me. X)

2010, I met TONS of awesome new friends. Crazy, smart, pretty, understand. All kinds of it. But still, i never forget my other old friends that I have in temple and high school. XP I remember on the first week of college, I started off with 2 friends only in college. Both of them are my high school friends which im not really close with. But now.. I think the number of friends in my college are uncountable nouns. XD

College friends + High School friends + Primary School friends + Temple friends = Uncountable nouns. XD

2010, has definately taken my guitar skills/life to the next level. From doing covers on youtube, to video editting covers, stage performance and now studio recording. Its pretty damm amazing. I totally apperciate the people that gave me all the support and my young teachers that tough me a thing or two about music. BIG THANK YOU. X)

long story short.. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE OF YOU!! You guys made my 2010 an amazing year. Kudos to every every one of you. (Yeah, blog readers too. XP)
I remember in 2009, I tell myself.. In college life, Im going to change my life.

If i would ask myself, Did I achieve that? I would to say, YES. X)

But this is just the begin of college life.. who knows what dramas/dangers/stress/epic-ness is heading to my way next going. No worries.. Im ready.. I think.. XD

GOOD BYE 2010, YELLOW 2011. XP