Sunday, December 12, 2010

Spending my Holidays

Alright.. So I have 2~3 weeks of holidays to spend.. Lets check my list on what can I do during the holidays.

1. Playing PSP.
2. Playing Computer.
3. Blogging.
4. Sleeping.


Now, thats very lifeless!! D8

Nah, just kidding.. I do have plans.. but they are just later on during the holidays. XP

I have a camp called BISDS Youth Camp which is start on 18th~22nd December. (If im not wrong la.) So yeah, I'll be not around to blog craps for that few days. XP

Next, is probably Zhen Whei's Birthday party.. which is like RIGHT AFTER CAMP itself. I said probably.. so that means.. I MIGHT be going.. XP We'll see how it goes.

After that, its Justin's Christmas Open House partay. Which is also after camp but its few days after camp. So i'll be going over to his place and farking sleep over. XD Who knows? I might grew bored and then make some covers there with whoever is sleeping over. XP

So.. I guess those are the BIG plans I have for my holidays. Yeah, its pretty little.. What am i going to do for the other days of the holidays? o.O That really I havent plan.. Probably doing some covers at home and then spend time editting videos and hang out with my friends. XP

Its funny that my dad keeps asking me to go to Genting with him. XD Its nice.. I guess he just wanna spend more time with me and my brother sister before our busy works starts..

Owh before I end this blog post I just wanna wish someone very special to me.. Its 'her' special day. XP

Happy 21th Birthday Taylor Swift! <3

See i told u im still loyal to Taylor Swift. XD But still.. Victoria Justice is HOT! XD

I told her to spend 'her' holidays wisely.. but im not doing a very good job myself. XP