Saturday, December 25, 2010

9th BISDS Youth Camp


Alright people! Guess whose back!? XD No, not Michael Jackson!! Although we really want him back to life la. XD

I just came back from a 4 day 3 night camp. 1 day 1 night in temple and 3 day 2 night camp in Ula Langat. Not Ulu Yam but Ulu Langat.. Write that down. XD

I have been to Youth Camp ever since that 5th one start and now here I am at the 9th which is also my last Youth Camp as participant. Is either I dont get to come to Youth Camp anymore (Who knows right? I might be very very busy next year or something) or I become a committee of the camp next year. XP

Now usually I will like go through all the days of the camp and tell you guys every single thing that happened during camp. But this time, apparently, suddenly, i turned lazy... XP I decided to cut to the chase. Straight to the point. No cock and bull stories. You get me? XP

This year's Youth Camp. What can I say about it. Simple.. Its the most emotional Youth Camp i've been. This year's camp is title/themed, Jhayanti - Reflection. Reflections, Tears, hugs, sharing speeches. Those are what make this Youth Camp really really emotional. Part of why issit so emotional its because it my last year there as well. XP Did I answer your question? No, I didnt cry. XP

Oh yeah, I havent tell you guys about my groupings. Like always, every single camp there will be a group splitting session. This year's group was group by colours. So I was split into a the group colour 'PINK'. (yeah, of colours right? XD) My groupmates are Shu Mei, Jia Qi, Sharmaine, Pei Jie, Wei Qi, Yu Wein, Kevin, Tsung Mun, and Zhao Xin. I have to say that I have a pretty damm awesome group mates. Seriously, Imba.. XD

Team Patrick Star!!!
I was trying to do a jump shot as a candid shot. but FAILED. XD

Yeah, our group name is called 'Patrick Star'. Pink, Patrick is Pink.. so yeah you get the picture. XP

What I think thats really unique and special about this camp is most of the activities are involve with the theme. Not to say that last time they didnt do, but this time the committee did it more effectively. XP Plus, this camp involves more thinking power. Therefore, more critical thinking skills applied. DX

One of my favourite activity in the temple was 'The Noble Eight Fold Path'. Besides that, we have a little 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' of our own. XD Pretty unique eh? XP

Ulu Langat, what can I say about the place eh... Its definately not as awesome as Eagle Rench Resort of course. XD But its not as bad was sleep in a tent with 6 other guys. XP So yeah, i would say that the place is okay okay only la.. But they provide a pretty bad service there. Thats all Im saying..

But But But the activities held there are pretty cool. The ones that the committees planned of course. XD The rain kinda spoiled half of the camp's activity but the committee did a great job covering it back. XP Funny games like 'Chop Chili Chop', 'Cow Eat Grass Go Moo', and 'Passing the Sherates' are freaking entertaining and funny.

This was one of the action for passing the sherates.

The activities provided are there are pretty good.. i guess.. Thou they are not extreme or challenging (to me) but I still kinda enjoy-ed by looking at other ppl having a hard time crossing it all obstacles. (I guess being tall does bring some advantages.)

Cant believe that I can actually look cool in a picture! XD

Especially Nightwalk activity. It was nothing to me, but I had fun cause everyone was having a great time trying to communicate with each other without shouting or real names. XD The committees entertained us while we are walking for the other teams who are left behide.

Like most of the Youth Camps that I've been so far. Theres definately something going on for the last night of camp. Each group will definately do something like a performance, sketch or something unique that is made out from each and every group. This year's is another project/assignment/presentation thing. XP

The project that was given to us must be presented on the second last day of the camp. Each group have different topics to talk about. My group gotten the topic 'How to promote the awareness of Environmentally Friendly'. Immediately, my business principles brain cells began to react. All thanks to Daniel for teaching me hardcorely last semester about marketing. XD

Presentation Title: Green is the Next Black!!

The presentation went well. To make things more interesting we made two sketchs for our presentation to entertain our crowds. My groupmates are EXTREMELY co-operative. What ever suggestion I give they will leave comments and also give me ideas to change it and make it more funnier. Plus, they are not afaird to do stupid stuffs that will embarrass themselves. Great teamwork gives out great results. XP

What im really amazed by is how the other teams present their projects as well. Sketchs are pretty common for this kind of things. But how they made their sketchs is another thing. Suilun's and Justin's group was funny as hell.. But for theory and make sense kind of thing, I would say Suilun's group did a great job. X)

One of my favourite game is handicap ball. Its captain ball which big time changes. 1oppl in a team. One will be blindfolded, One will be tied both hands, One will be tied both legs, Two will have to tied one of their hands together, two will have to tied one of their legs together, One person have to carry/piggy bag another member and lastly, and one advisor/conductor for the whole team. Yeah, with this BIG TIME changes, we have to play captain ball. XD Very interesting indeed.

Owh, What was my job during the game? See for yourself.

Yeah, be very jealous people.. XD

Long story short, It was a great camp, great people, great memory. I had fun of course.. No doubt about it. In fact, i learned a thing or two through this camp. X)

These are some pictures that are taken during the photoshooting session of the camp. You can tell how happy/fun we are during the camp. X)

Will this be my last youth camp?? We'll see how it goes in the future. XP