Monday, December 6, 2010

Teenage Dream Cover ft. King and Max

I didnt type the title wrong, its true!! XD

Yeah, me, Max and King did a cover of Teenage Dream by Katy Perry. Yeah, we're not the best singers but we certainly are the BEST comedians. (PS: This is not a parody, we ARE making a cover. XP)

It was all thank to Wei Gin for sealing the song into King's head. One day, Max and King were bored, so they came over to my place to chill out. Then suddenly, King says that he wanted to make a cover of the song. Max didnt wanted to do at first, but still we pulled him in. XD It took us a few takes to really figure out what are we going to do. Finally one serious moment, we manage to do it prefectly fine. XD

This time, I was going to take my movie maker skills editting to the next level. So sorta made this video a little bit different from the other covers I made. I was actually just testing out, didnt know that my discovery fitted in sooo prefectly.

Now, heres the video.

Yeah I know.. the bloooper part was alittle bit tooo long and boring.. But I find it extremly funny!! And if i put music in the bloopers section, it will be too loud and it will cover up what we have said. I didnt want to put subtitles cause it too damm long. So, yeah. XP

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Now since i know that I can do this movie/MV style on movie maker.. i shall take my ambitious to the next level. XP XP XP