Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Mike!!

I would like to spend a blog post to say/wish a friend of mine whose turning 23 this year.. (1st December) Yeah, a pretty nice birthday date eh? XP


Yeah, the dude on the right is Mike. XP

Ignore the fark face.. (I meant me.) XD

Alright, im not just gonna spend this one post to wish him. Im here to share you guys a video as well. Not just a video, its a video cover I made with a friend of mine. No, shes not Nicole. XP Its Mike's XOXO, Wei Gin. XP

Heres the story, Wei Gin wanted to make a cover of Teenage Dream for Mike as a pre-surprise birthday present. I willingly volunteered to help her out with the cover cause I wanted to do that cover as well. XP So, there you go, a simple and short story. XD

So heres the cover that both us made just for Mike. XP ENJOY~

FYI, theres a blooper in the video.. so make sure you stay until the whole video ends! XD

*Extra Credits to Mike Tompkin's Teenage Dream cover as my background music.

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